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Stephen Centrella & Isabella Ciemny — Minted

Stephen Centrella


Isabella Ciemny

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Our Story

No bad story ever started on Spring Break in Mexico, and Bell and Steve’s is no different. They met sophomore year of college while in Puerto Vallarta. Though their first encounter leans towards the possibility of being forgotten, their immediate connection caused what could have been a fleeting moment to become the start of a friendship that would travel back to Penn State.

Now as friends, the two continued to experience college and life together. Their fun-loving and extroverted personalities made living life together fun, and their compatibility soon became impossible to ignore. However, it would take two years and one Panera date for the two to finally start dating.

After graduation, Bell moved to Raleigh, changing the distance between them from one mile to hundreds of miles. The distance proved to be something they could overcome, allowing their relationship to grow and become even stronger than it was before. No matter where Bell and Steve are - State College, Raleigh, Sea Isle, or Philly - they bring love, laughs, and happiness to each other with no shortage of jabs.

Steve proposed to Bell 5 years after they met, on the 92nd Street beach in Sea Isle City. In true fashion, rain accompanied this joyous moment and continued even as the night progressed, yet the two couldn’t have been happier.

Bell and Steve could not be more excited to start the next phase of their journey together, and they can’t wait to celebrate with all of you on April 20th!